About Me

As a pastor’s wife for years I have shared God’s Word to all ages from young children to adults, led women’s retreats and mentored young women. In my “golden years” of retirement as I am no longer able to do all those things, I still want to help others. With my blog Grandma’s Ramblings I hope to challenge, encourage or just give someone a laugh.

My husband and I are Scrabble addicts playing on a Super Scrabble board.  We have kept records of our scores since 2018 and are very competitive.  My husband takes the job of scorekeeper very seriously.  

In 2002 I was diagnosed with a very aggressive breast cancer and told “the odds are not in your favor.” After 16 chemotherapy treatments with three powerful drugs and 32 radiation treatments, God was so good to me. My doctor had told me he did not think I would be able to make it ten more years, but here I am 20 years cancer free. I appreciate each day of life and try to enjoy every moment God has given me.

While going through cancer I lost all my hair. I believe faith in God and a good sense of humor can help you get through anything life brings you. So – trying to reassure my parents I had a picture taken of me with my father and my bald head laughing that I did not know how much I looked like him until I lost my hair.

After cancer my hair did not come back for a long time. Being a redhead I just purchased red wigs. When I turned 70 I decided I should go to grey wigs. This past year my daughters talked me into taking off the wig and seeing if my hair would come back. Thankfully it has. It’s a little thin and I am working at getting used to it, but glad to be rid of the wigs after all these years.

I love to read. Sometimes I have two to three books going at the same time. Being a speedy reader I often finish a book in one day. My husband, who is a slow reader, cannot understand how I can read so fast. One time he questioned me about what I had read to see if I was really comprehending what I read. I passed his test. When we moved to a condo three years ago and did some major downsizing, I sadly gave away many of my books to a local school. I ended up with just three bookcases for my books. However, I just keep buying more books and will soon need to get more bookcases. I agree with Thomas Jefferson who said:

I cannot live without books.

My greatest joy is my daughters. One is a school teacher and one is a pastor. It makes me so happy to see them sharing their love, talents and time with others.

So proud to be a grandmother and great grandmother.

As I come to the last chapter of my book of life, my desire is to laugh and praise God and if I can help someone else have a laugh, be encouraged or challenged, then the goal for my blog will have been a success.

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