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Looking back at my first blog – Still no book but maybe some day.

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Pastor’s WifethCA5306T5

For many years I was a pastor’s wife.In many ways, itwas a blessing for which I am thankful. What a privilege to be allowed into the lives of families at those veryjoyous times: weddings, baby dedications, graduations, anniversaries. I have enjoyed providing the music for many a bride to walk down the aisle.

It was also an honor to share with families at those sad times: deaths, divorce, sickness. While “enjoy” is probably not the right word to use, I have felt blessed to provide music for the funeral of many a dear saint.

What a joy to share God’s Word in a class with the children or young adults and to see that moment when their eyes light up with understanding, to watch them grow in their walk with the Lord!

But if I am honest, I must admit that there are also times when being a…

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