Love this thought! I find myself often thnking that.


The day had been long, but it was almost over. I stood clearing my desk as the children visited, quietly waiting for the bus calls. Time was dragging.

Then, I noticed a small face peering over the stack of papers on my desk. The six-year-old boy had inched up silently and now stood thoughtfully watching me.

I looked over and gently asked, “What do you need, Jay?”.

He lifted his eyes to me and said, “Teacher, don’t you wanna let’s go home?”

I often think of that afternoon and that little boy who voiced a question that resonates in my heart.

Some days life is hard, and the road is long.

Some days the lessons have tried my soul and my brain.

Some days I look up to Heaven and say, “Jesus, don’t you wanna let’s go home?”

II Corinthians 5:1 Forweknowthat if our earthly house of this tabernaclewere dissolved,wehave…

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