What makes a man a Grandpa?

Fall always brings memories of this dear man – His birthday was in October — and we always loved his goulash on a rainy, cold fall day! He has been gone 33 years, but I still miss him!

Grandma's Ramblings

Scan_Pic0119 My daughters “Shadow” and “Giggles” with their beloved Grandpa

I remember his big hands. They were very large, yet always gentle.

I remember the love and care he gave my daughters after their father was killed in an accident.

I remember the nick names he gave to both of them. My oldest daughter was “Giggles” and my youngest was “Shadow.”

I remember how he understood my deep grief and sorrow after my husband’s death in a way no one else in the family did because he had also lost his first wife in death.

I remember how he just stood by my side in silence with his big hand on my shoulder in the days following my husband’s death while others in the family would be sharing their opinion on why God had allowed Lonnie to be taken from me and my little daughters. Or, how he would give me…

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