Pickled Peppers

Great lesson here.


When a jar of pickled peppers falls off the refrigerator shelf onto the tile floor, it makes a big mess. I know this, because this morning found me on my hands and knees cleaning up peppers and sticky syrup and broken glass.

It was a small jar, but the mess created was worthy of a gallon bucket.

I should probably say here that I am known in my household for placing jars too close to the edge in the refrigerator, fitting one more thing on a shelf, thinking I will find a better place for that later.

This morning later happened.

The thing about a jar crashing onto the floor is that the damage is ongoing. I can clean up the immediate mess, place everything in the garbage, wash out the cleaning cloths and think, “Done!”, but it isn’t done. Little pieces of glass find their way into the oddest…

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