Homes for Elves

We found the perfect elf house. Actually, several houses perfect for elves.

In Charlevoix, Michigan there are 26 houses built by Earl Young that appear to be perfect for a family of elves.

The neighborhood has a sign asking everyone to respect the privacy of these homes. However, across the street from most of the homes we found cars pulling to the side of the road and taking pictures. I wonder how it would feel to live in a house where tourists are standing across the street taking pictures.

They were so unique. I could not stop taking pictures.

Young created his homes to fit the site using the limestone, fieldstone and boulders he found in Northern Michigan. Each home is different from the other and has cedar-shake roofs with wide, wavy eaves. Over the course of his fifty-year career, Young built twenty-six residential houses and four commercial properties.

Along with the houses was all the beautiful use of the stones for fences.

The house that really caught my attention was the Thatch House. It was very large, and looked like a giant mushroom.

I discovered that this house is actually for rent for vacations or special events. It would be so cool (can I use that word?) to stay there, but since it rents for $1,000 a night during the week and over $1,400 for a weekend night, I will just settle to take pictures from the outside and try to imagine what it looks like on the inside.

But if you know of any elf looking for a home, send him to Charlevoix Michigan.

14 thoughts on “Homes for Elves

  1. Our neighborhood has a Holiday House Tour (in early December) where ten homes volunteer and decorate their house. Then on a certain Sunday, people pay $10 to tour all the houses. The money all goes to charity – which is a great thing. I have also heard of other “house tours.” Wouldn’t it be great if some of these homes did something like that? I am hoping one year, on our Michigan trip, to go “north.” If we are in the Charlevoix area, I would love to see these homes. I visited Charlevoix as a child growing up. I remember seeing lots of hanging baskets of flowers all around the town. Now, in my book, taking pictures from the side of the road is acceptable. Going onto someone’s property, trying to speak with them, or using a zoom lens or a drone – would not be. My favorite one is the smallest one (the 3rd picture.) It just looks so charming and cozy. I also love the stone fences and edging. Thanks for your post about these adorable homes. I don’t know any elves looking for a home. The only ones I know live at the north pole.


  2. What interesting houses. I told my youngest son, he looked it up in Google and we were able to see the inside of some of these houses. Would love to see these in person 😁😁


  3. Wow, how unique is that? Looks like an area in a story book. I will use the word you asked about…Cool! Thank you for sharing these photos I never dreamed there are houses anywhere like these.


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