Taking a Last Walk Through My Garden

It has been almost four years since we put our house on the market and made a decision where to move. Michigan has become our new home. It was a little scary moving to a new state where the only people we would know was our daughter and her family. But it was a good decision. We love our new home, our new state. However, I still do miss my garden. While we have flowers in our new home, our yard is much, much smaller and the opportunity for lots of flowers is limited. Still, I enjoy what I do have here and thank God for all the pictures I have to remember my garden.

Grandma's Ramblings

Today we put our house on the market.  It has been  a busy few months as we began the process of downsizing preparing to move from a nine-room house to something much smaller.

My experience in this process of deciding what to keep and what to sell, give away or throw out has been an interesting one.   Döstädning – Death Cleaning

At times I have felt relief as I began to see the freedom I would have when I did not have to spend so much time cleaning and dusting and moving “stuff” around.  Relief as I look forward to the day my washer and dryer is on the same living level and I do not have to climb up and downstairs to do the laundry.  (Or, in my case, my dear husband does not have to do that.)

Other times I have felt some sorrow as I parted…

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7 thoughts on “Taking a Last Walk Through My Garden

  1. I am glad that you love your home in Michigan. It is a favorite of mine – since my dad was from there. Your garden – from your old home – looks beautiful! I see one of my favorites – purple cone flowers! Even just a few flowers can be beautiful though. This week, we took a car full of stuff to donate. It felt so good. Hope you enjoy the coming holiday weekend – and the coming Michigan summer weather.


  2. I am happy for you! It is great that you love your new home and state. Enjoy the photos of the garden from your other home you miss. You have less space now but I bet the flowers you have are just as beautiful as the ones you had before. Blessings!


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