Sunflowers and Salem Sue

Looking through my vacation albums I loved seeing some of the sights from our trip to North Dakota.

We were driving along a long, empty stretch of road when we spotted something yellow in the distance. What was it?

What a surprise as we came closer to see acres and acres of sunflowers.

Coming back home I did research and found that 40% of sunflower seeds production in the USA. comes from North Dakota. According to the State of North Dakota Tourist Bureau over 48,000 acres of sunflowers are grown every year in the state. People come from all over the USA to see the beautiful fields of sunshine.

One recent survey said that North Dakota was the happiest state in the union. I’m not sure how true that survey was, but since sunflowers always make me smile, I can see that maybe it is true. My granddaughter says that yellow is the color of joy. Maybe she is right also.

One of the funniest things we saw was in New Salem, North Dakota. From several miles away as we approached the town we saw a cow standing on a hill.

Coming into town we saw a sign asking for donations to help keep “Salem Sue” in good condition.

Salem Sue was built in 1974 for $40,000. Her stats are impressive: 38 feet high, 50 feet long, six tons of reinforced fiberglass. She had to be built in three sections to get her up the hill.  A brochure we picked up at the local gas station told us that “Sue’s primary purpose is to honor and advertise the dairyman who is an asset to his community, church, the economy and his family.”

So if you ever head to North Dakota be sure to go in the summer when the sunflower fields are in bloom. And if you are looking for New Salem, be careful you don’t just drive right through it. It is a small town. But I doubt you would miss it since Salem Sue will be sending you a welcome from her perch on the hill long before you reach the town.

6 thoughts on “Sunflowers and Salem Sue

  1. Oh, my! What a beautiful sunflower field. I feed the birds a lot of sunflower seeds, I hope they all come from those beautiful fields. Salem Sue looks like a real cow, someone is very talented. I enjoyed this post.


  2. That field of sunflowers is beautiful! Yellow is my favorite color, and I agree with your granddaughter. Yellow is the color of joy! Now with regards to Salem Sue, I would say she is quite remarkable! I buy a lot of sunflower seeds for the birds. I will have to see if they come from North Dakota!


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