Can We Give Thanks in 2020…..2021?

I posted this last year thinking that by Thanksgiving 2021 we would be through this Covid-19 mess. Sadly, in my state of Michigan it has gotten worst. Last year I did not know one person with Covid-19. This year I have friends who have lost family members from the virus, I have had family members very sick from it. I know many are feeling so weary – teachers, healthcare workers, pastors, retail workers, children and the list goes on and on. I still believe God is with us and it is good to give thanks to the Lord. Praying that all of you who follow my blog will be able to find something to be thankful for – and that next year will bring us all relief from this crisis.

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I don’t know where I got this story – so I can’t give proper credit to the writer but it really makes me think as we approach another Thanksgiving season – one that is full of chaos and difficult decisions. Do we keep our gatherings small? Do we ignore warnings and enjoy our family and friends?

“One afternoon a shopper at the local mall felt the need for a coffee break.  She bought herself a little bag of cookies and put them in her shopping bag.  She then got in line for coffee, found a place to sit at one of the crowded tables, and then taking the lid off her coffee and taking out a magazine she began to sip her coffee and read.  Across the table from her a man sat reading a newspaper.   After a minute or two she reached out and took a cookie.   As she…

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2 thoughts on “Can We Give Thanks in 2020…..2021?

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. All along she was eating the man’s cookies. He was such a gracious person. 🙂. I too was hoping that this pandemic would be over but I believe the governments are trying to prolong it to their advantage. I pray God’s richest blessings upon you and your family on this Thanksgiving day.


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