Angels All About Us

Looking at my posts over the years, this post keeps getting views and seems to be a popular one. Not honestly sure why so much interest in angels, but thought I would reblog for my new followers that might also be interested in the subject.

Grandma's Ramblings

I was recently asked to give a speech to a women’s group on the subject of angels. As I began to research this subject, I realized I do not remember ever hearing a sermon on angels, or being in a Bible study on the subject of angels.

While I do not remember hearing that much about angels in the church, the world at large is getting quite interested in them. Unfortunately, the portrayal of angels that we see on TV and in the movies often fall far short of the Biblical description of them. I collect angels, but I must confess the angels in my collection look nothing like the description of angels in the Bible. The angels in my collection either look like beautiful young women – gorgeous enough to be Miss America – or little, fat winged infants half-dressed.

angelsangels 3

These portrayals put them more in the category of…

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