Little Miss Vain

For those of you who follow my blog you know I recently stopped wearing a wig after 19 years post cancer and I am trying to get my hair to grow back.

Give Me Hair!!!

I have googled “hair loss” “hair growth” and read all kinds of articles and commercials on products that will help your hair grow thicker. It’s amazing the number of products and claims made to grow hair. If I tried every product on the market, it would cost a fortune.

It took some courage but I have been going out in public without my wig. Of course all my friends tell me I look fine with my thin hair. But what are they doing to do? Say “Barbara, you look terrible, put your wig back on?”

While I don’t have a lot of hair yet what I had was getting scraggly so I made an appointment at the local salon for a hair cut. I imagined my stylist laughing when I walked in and asked for a hair cut. “What hair?”

When the stylist asked me what I wanted – well why not ask for the best????

Realizing that beautiful – magnificent – ravishing might be too much to ask, I suggested just a “clean-up” of the scraggly ends.

Now I’m massaging my head every night (supposed to increase blood circulation to scalp) and using some essential oils. Also taking Biotin although most legitimate sources I read say there is no proof that this will really help.

With all the problems in our world – politics, Covid 19 and vaccines, the economy – I know I am a little vain focusing on my hair – or lack thereof.

6 thoughts on “Little Miss Vain

    • I hope something works!! I know I’m probably being too vain but this has been a difficult step for me to go wigless so I’m doing what I often do in difficult situations – find humor. I have always believed faith in God and a sense of humor can get you through anything. When my first husband died I found jokes to make about people’s responses at visitation. So many said “oh he looks good” or “he looks like he is just sleeping.” I so wanted to say “No, he looks dead.” Guess I’m a little weird! 🙂

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      • Hahaha. I’m laughing at your last comment. Good for you, Barb. I can’t imagine how difficult losing your first husband must have been!!! I’m glad your faith and your humor helped carry you through. On the plus side, I image this hair loss business is far less painful for you. I do hope something works. When it does, I’ll let my mom know too, and then I’ll file it away for my future reference. She has thin hair even without having had cancer, so I likely will too.


  1. Good for you going without a wig, I bet you look just fine. I wore wigs for several years because of thin. fine hair that is very slow growing. It feels good to have my scalp free to breathe, but it has not helped my hair growth to improve. If you find something that works, I hope you will share. The comics were perfect for your post. Laughter is the best medicine. Hugs


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