My 73rd birthday is just days away. This post of a few years ago reminds me again of God’s blessings to me and although my body is hollering “you are old” my spirit says “no – I’ve still a lot of living to do.”

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thRestin Peace

This past weekend my husband and I visited a local cemetery. I felt a little strange as we drove in the main entrance because we were going to inspect our own tombstones.

While we are not ready to “kick the bucket” yet, we are at an age where we realize that we are not going to live forever. Wanting to make sureour kids are not stuck with decisions and expenses on our demise, we purchased the tombstones this summer. Friday we received notice from the monument company that they had set the tombstones in place so we went to take a look.

Looking at the inscriptions that gave our names and date of birth witha place for the future date of our death led to a little “soul-searching” and reflection on my life.

Looking Back

As I reflected on the past 66 years of my life, I…

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1 thought on “RIP

  1. A couple of years ago, I would have cringed at the thought of seeing my own tombstone. For the past year I have been doing quite a bit of meditating and spiritual work and really the thought of dying doesn’t seem like that big of a leap now.


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