I Don’t Do Cookies!

I still don’t do cookies! But my daughters somehow learned how to make awesome cookies in spite of their cookie-challenged mother.

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It’s that time of year!

All over the country mothers and grandmothers are busy in the kitchen baking cookies with their kids and grandkids. On Facebook I see post after post of beautifully decorated cookies and smiling faces of children with their mother as they happily put their special touch on the cookies made to look like snowmen and angels and reindeer. So many creative women out there making wonderful memories with their children.

Then there’s me. Mother of the year – NOT!

When my girls were little I wanted to be that mother who makes such memories for her children by following that tradition of making cookies for Christmas. I got out my cookbooks and looked for recipes that said “easy to make.” All excited, I brought my little girls into the kitchen, sat them up at the counter and explained how we would start our own tradition and…

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7 thoughts on “I Don’t Do Cookies!

  1. My mother never made cookies with me and I can happily saw I am not scared for life 😉 (please take that in the tongue in cheek manner you wrote)
    And as I think back on the huge abundance of delicious Christmas cookies we always had I can so clearly see the hand of a good and gracious God providentially providing my grandma a way to provide a much loved treasure to her grandchildren on a small fixed income. It was soooo hard to wait for her on Christmas Day arriving with all those mismatched cardboard boxes tied up with string, bursting with love.
    Thank you for giving me that memory today.


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