Waiting for My “Forever Home”

With all the news and concern about the virus and its dread for “old” people like me, I remind myself to take each day and enjoy it. This world is not my final home!

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My husband and I love to watch HGTV.  Many of the programs show clients who say they are looking for their “forever home.”  A place where they can put down roots and raise a family.  A place where they can make memories to last a lifetime.


That sounds so good.  To have a place where you live for all your adult life, maybe even living there until you die.

I have never had a “forever home.”  Several times I thought I had found it only to have it slip away.

My first “forever home” was a mobile home situated on three acres in the country in southeast Missouri.  My first husband and I purchased the place, not for the run down mobile home, but for the beautiful land.  It set on a hill overlooking the farm land around it.  There was a small pond at the back of the property. …

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4 thoughts on “Waiting for My “Forever Home”

    • Thank you. Actually I am writing a post right now. I have hesitated writing it because it may be a little controversial and all we need right now is more of that. My husband and I are doing well. Thank you for asking. This post will take a few days to complete as I am really trying to think it through. See you soon.

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