A Time for Self-Assessment

Dr. Tanya, at Salted Caramel, asked four questions about blogging.  She calls the questions “retrospective introspection.”  Reading your own work, she says, is sometimes called a form of narcissism but she thinks a better description might be self-evaluation or self-assessment.

With that in mind, I have responded to her questions.

Here are her four questions:

How old is your current blog/website? 

Do you ever look back at your site i.e. read through your old posts?

How long ago did you update your about page ?

If you were to start a new blog today, what would you do differently?


And my answers:

I started my blog in October 2014 but never really was consistent in regular posts until last year.

Occasionally I will look back for a particular blog when I am posting again on a similar topic.

Five months ago I updated the picture of me.  I was a redhead and after losing all my hair from cancer I still wore a red wig.  After turning 71 I decided it was time to go with grey so I updated my picture then.

I would be more consistent with my posts.  Since I became more consistent in 2019 my response has been much better – gaining more followers and getting more comments to my posts.  I would engage more with other bloggers.  Since I have started doing that I have made some great friends and have enjoyed hearing/seeing other places/countries and enjoying other viewpoints.

Check our her website at:  https://saltedcaramel670.wordpress.com/

6 thoughts on “A Time for Self-Assessment

  1. My blog has been around for a little over 5 years now 🎉🔔

    I constantly go back to old posts to be inspired by my past genius 😂 and to make edits and updates to some post.
    And some of my posts are sort of serial posts so I have to remember where I left the story inorder to continue it.

    I usually update my about page at the beginning of the year when I give my whole site a general do over tweaking aspects of the themes removing things I felt unnecessary trying out new buttons and tools and generally just trying to improve the user experience of my blog. .

    If I were to restart my blog I would be more deliberate about it knowing I have every right to leave my tangle of words on the world wide web. When I first started a blog I felt like an imposter thinking hey I was not an expert neither did have I large following as some of the popular celeb bloggers I used to see, who even seemed to make piles of money from blogging.

    But now I know everyone’s voice matters.

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