Finding the Courage and Strength to Reclaim Your Life

Great article on age old question why some embrace difficult times and other seem to struggle. Also link to Suicide Prevention Line for any who might need it.

~Writing With Heart~

IMG_0062a.JPG ©Jessica Wiehl

As I sit in front of my computer sipping my first cup of coffee, the first thoughts of the day running through my mind, I think about what it means to be human.

Some people may have grown up in strict households where they learned quickly that making mistakes was unacceptable. They learned to fear making wrong choices and struggled to reach their greatest potential. Others may have grown up knowing real danger, skirting around fights and brutality in surrounding neighborhoods, quietly brushing up against death one too many times. Still others may have felt insecure or afraid, in abusive, alcoholic or mentally unstable households that caused an array of mental disorders to develop later in life.

What drives one person to stand and fight and another to give up? What conditions must be met to submerge one person into darkness and another to constantly pursue the…

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