Hearing Birthday 09-20-2018

I’m posting a blog from a mother who shares such a beautiful story of love and perseverance. And a reminder that we take so much for granted – including the ability to hear.  Hope you will visit her blog and hear her story.

Through Rose Colored Glasses and Bionic Ears: A Mom and Daughter's Journey on a Road Less Traveled

9/20/2018 Following Initial Activation. Valentina passed this painting many times. Today, she stopped, noticed the I Love You sign and seemed to want to hold hands… touched my heart.

Seventeen Months.

Seventeen months ago, if you had asked me to celebrate your child’s “Hearing Birthday”, I may have looked at you with confused eyes and an inability to understand the importance of such date. Even more confusing if I was also asked to recognize TWO Hearing Birthdays, the first 05/21/2018, the day my child received her first set of hearing aids.

But today, 17 months post diagnosis, I sit in solitude starting at my screen trying my best to sort out how to celebrate such a day for my child. Perhaps, like every other milestone in her almost 4 years of existence, this celebration occurs in the privacy of our own home, with her mommy to be the one showing…

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