The Unwanted, Unexpected Phone Call in the Night

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of our son’s death. Time does heal – but it’s not a complete healing. Sorrow and pain remain and while life does go on, when you lose a loved one to death, the anniversary of their death, their birthday and other special times bring memories flooding back. It’s bittersweet. Thankful for the memories. Though they bring sorrow with them, they also bring comfort as we remember the good times.

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Unexpected, Unwanted Call

I last posted on my blog in April. While we were on vacation, we got that unwanted, unexpected phone call in the night. A police officer called to tell us that our son had been found dead in his apartment. While we knew he was not in good health (a disabled veteran) and would probably not live to be an old man, we still did not expect to be planning his funeral. As my husband sadly said, “No one should bury their own child.” Yet, we know that many do – some burying their children at a much younger age than our son.

I stopped blogging

At times of great grief, your world seems to come to a halt. My husband and I are great Scrabble nuts as I shared before in Confessionns of a Scrabble Addict  ( . But suddenly we no longer wanted to…

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