The Humanity of Jesus

This writer’s little girl understands better than most the true story of Jesus coming to earth.


A few years ago, I was potty training my daughter at Christmas time, when baby Jesus mysteriously disappeared from our manger scene. Frantic searching ensued. Eventually, He was discovered in the most unlikely location…the training potty. I was appalled! What drove my sweet little daughter to put Jesus in a potty? Horrible thoughts flooded my head. I gathered a calm voice and asked her, “Why did you put baby Jesus in your potty?” She replied confidently, “I was potty training Him”.

I was taken aback. She saw Jesus as a child, like herself. It was clear to her that He needed to be fed, burped, rocked, and even potty trained like every other baby ever born. In that moment, I realized she understood far more than I did. Jesus lived in our human state. He felt what we feel. He saw what we see. He experienced what we experience. He…

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