Top Ten Wonderful Things About Retirement!


It has been two years now since I called it a day and retired from my job as an energy specialist for a power company.  Often I thought the day would never come – it’s hard to believe it has already been two years now.

Top Ten Things About Retirement

10.  No more committee meetings.  I hated committee meetings – more talking about doing than actually doing.  The only one I have to coordinate my schedule with is my husband.

9.  No more blue Mondays!  Monday is now just another day to do whatever I want.

8.  No more deadlines to meet at work!  I can clean my closet today – or tomorrow – or next week.

7.  My time is my own!  I don’t have to answer to anyone about how I have spent my morning.  I can do – or not do – whatever I want when I want.

6.  No more alarm clocks!  I can get up at the crack of dawn to watch the sun rise (which I sometimes do in the summer) or I can wake up, pull the covers up tighter around me and sleep until mid-morning when I smell the coffee my husband has made (which is great on a cold winter morning).

5.  No more calendars.  No need to worry about what day of the week the holidays fall on – trying to add a day of vacation so I can make it three-day weekend.

4.  No more fast foods!  Working overtime I ate too much fast foods.  So good to have the time and energy to make delicious home-cooked meals for my husband and myself.

3.  Lots of time to read!  I love to read and now I have all the time I want to enjoy books.

2.  Lots of time to spend with my granddaughter!  She is growing up so fast and I treasure having more time with her to make memories to last a lifetime.

The Number One Top Thing About Retirement!

1.  Being able to spend time with my husband 24/7.  With each year that passes, I am grateful for each moment we have together.



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