She Was Available!


When I first started writing my blog I said that I wanted to share some of the funny things I saw and heard as a pastor’s wife.

So – here are two more.

I Can’t Sleep!

In a deep sleep early one morning (about 2 AM) the phone rang in the parsonage.  Since I was closer to the phone than my husband, I answered the call.  I heard a very sleepy voice on the phone saying, “Barbara, I can’t sleep.  Would you pray for me?”

After asking God to help her find rest and sleep peacefully, I turned to my husband and said, “I think I will call her back in about thirty minutes and ask her to pray for me so I can get back to sleep!”

I’m Available!

One Easter we had a new member who had just recently moved to our area.  Since she had no immediate family close by, we invited her to join our family for lunch after church.  We had a nice meal and then I invited her to join my husband and me in our living room for a cup of coffee and dessert.

Sitting down on the couch, she began telling us a little more about herself – where she had lived, what jobs she had in the past.  Suddenly, she crossed her legs in a very unladylike position revealing more leg than we wanted to see and giving us a clear picture of her black underwear.

Smiling first at me and then at my husband, she said, “You should know that at my last church I had an affair with the pastor.”

My husband quickly announced that he needed to go to his office to go over notes for the evening sermon.

After she left we laughed and wondered what she was trying to convey and to which one of us the message was intended.

To me:  “Better watch out – I’m on the make for your husband.”

To my husband:  “I’m available.”

Either message she intended was, of course, not received.  But even today I teased my husband that if he ever gets tired of me, he can always look her up.  Maybe she will still be “available.”








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