Say “Yes” or Say “No”

Grandchildren are such a joy!  But they grow up way too fast!

I keep a journal writing down the funny things they say and do so I will never forget them.  The journal is growing rapidly since the birth of my youngest granddaughter, Zoe.

Say “Yes” or say “No”

Taking Zoe for a walk along the Mississippi River, Zoe recognized that we were very close to the John Deere Pavilion.  She loves to go there and climb and “drive” all the tractors on display.  She asked me if we could go there after our walk.  I told her to ask her Papa, so she did.  He told her he would have to think about it.  After taking another three to four steps, she looked up at him and in a very serious voice she told him, “Say yes or say no.”

My feet stink!

She loves to take a bath when she comes to our house (it really is just play time with all her bath toys).  Recently when I told her there would be no bath today, she informed me, “I need a bath.  My feet stink.”  Then, to make sure I realized how much she needed the bath, she stuck her little feet up to my face and said, “Smell them!”

We are amazing!

While playing with me one day at our house, her mother called to see how things were going.  I told her, “Your mother wants to know how you are.”  She, without hesitation, said, “I’m amazing!”  Then she smiled at me and said, “You’re amazing too!”  So there you have it folks – from a little child’s mouth – I’m amazing!



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