Ebola – Crisis in USA – Really?

Situation in USA

Granted, I am concerned about Ebola becoming a serious issue for our country.  I have no idea which side of the fence I should be on in this argument about banning travel and putting quarantines in place.  I’ll leave that issue for those more qualified than I am.

However, to describe our country’s situation as a crisis and focus so much attention on us seems a little self-centered to me.

Situation in Sierra Leone and other Western African countries

In Sierra Leone Ebola is not just a health crisis – Ebola is a humanitarian disaster of serious proportions. Here are some of the ripple effects that are impacting the country.

  • Food prices are up 25%.
  • 47% of farmers have had significant disruption to their farming process and yields.
  • 75% of those affected by Ebola are farmers.
  • Quarantines and blockades have prevented access to farms.
  • Agricultural investors have left the country, along with many other business investors.
  • Many people are down to only 1 meal a day.
  • Markets have been closed, so buying food becoming a challenge.
  • Schools have been cancelled.
  • The UN is predicting that up to 750,000 people will die of malnutrition and starvation in the next few months.

While we should be concerned about our country, let’s not forget to pray – and to give – to help those countries where there really IS a crisis!

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